Stanley Foo Law Corporation


Cynthia Lu

My case took many years, and I went through several lawyers. A mutual friend referred Stanley to me, and he got my final order in a few months. He was pleasant and professional all through a very stressful time, and I recommend him to anyone who wants a lawyer. I have known many lawyers in my work, and I can say Stanley is far above average.

Cynthia Lu, realtor

Nick Bobcat Guy

I was referred to Stanley by a friend to help me with my family court case. From the minute I hired Stanley he went to work and fought for the results I wanted, if you want a lawyer that’s in your corner and actually fights for you Staley is the man.

Lorrie Jennings

I used Stanley Foo a little while ago and I was very happy with the results! I would recommend Stanley Foo for your general and family law anytime!

Stanley Low

Stanley was very responsible and attentive to our legal needs. I would recommend Stanley Foo and Company for your legal services.

Kendra Wilson

Stanley foo is the best lawyer ever. If I could give him 20 stars I would. He kicked but for my devorce and won my kids back for me. You want a great lawyer well Stanley Foo is your man.

Tyler Defouw

I had to find a lawyer on short notice to go up north, and Stanley was available. So we met up and he did a great job. With everything that he has already done for me, I needed help with my divorce and he was also there for me. Everything went smoothly. Thank you Stanley!

Robin Brown

Stanley Foo went far above and beyond in helping me with my divorce. I can’t drive and Stanley drove all the way out to Maple Ridge to get the necessary documents and info. The divorce went very smoothly and I can’t thank Stanley enough for his professionalism and caring.

I have nothing but admiration and praise for the way that Stanley Foo handled my divorce. He was efficient, and sympathetic to the fact that as I am a partial cripple and couldn’t attend Mr. Foo’s office, Stanley went out of his way to drive to Maple Ridge to meet with me in order to witness my signature on the divorce documents.

Mr. Foo was experienced enough to be able to skillfully track down the Respondent who lived in the United States.
Mr. Foo did my divorce very smoothly and went out of his way to attend to my special needs, Mr. Foo is wonderful and should be praised for smoothly and skillfully handling my divorce, without any problems.

Yours truly
Robin Brown

Michael Coyen

I needed a lawyer to deal with the Ministry, and Stanley was referred to me. He spoke to the social worker, then got me a court order for sole guardianship, then a final order for parental responsibilities. The Ministry returned my son to me, and everything has been fine since.

Stanley made the whole process go smoothly, like clockwork.

Mary Vin

Jim and I have known Stanley for several years, and we also know some of his clients. All his clients have been happy with his work, and he is becoming well known in the Fraser Valley.

I am on Facebook, and, if anyone wants to talk to me or my husband, he would be welcome to do so.


I hired Stanley Foo to do some legal work on several occasions and at all times I have been very happy with his work and the results. I would recommend Stanley Foo to anyone who would need his legal services. You can depend on Stanley Foo.
~Mark Warbinek~

Wendy Vogts

I highly recommend Stanley Foo to anyone in need of legal counsel, he has been my attorney for 6 years and has always achieved exactly what we have gone for. From dealing with MCFD and Guardianship to recently counseling me on Power of Attorney and Inheritance he is knowledgeable, professional and very personable, a great guy and an even greater attorney who I can’t thank enough for what he’s done for my family

Rachelle Spencer

Stanley Foo represented me and was able to enforce a very overdue child support claim .
I found him to be a very good lawyer and highly recommend him .

Jeff L

We had used Foo & Company for a couple of legal needs we had and we found them to be experienced and knowledgeable in the field. Mr. Foo was direct and to the point with any advice given and set expectations for timelines and next steps well. Thank you for your help!

Santana Strauss

Stanley was highly recommended to me as a family-law lawyer, and he worked very hard for me. In the end, I got everything I wanted, and I’m very happy with his service.

Santana s

Cherise Christian

I thought we would be facing a stressful trial, but Stanley arranged a meeting, and everything was settled. We have had no problems since, and I’m very happy with the service I received. Thank you, Stanley!


My husband is being defended in an mcfd matter bye Mr. Foo and i need to say he has in 1 meeting accomplished more than any lawyer in any other of many meetings i have been in
HE is responsive the great quality and a shark
This man really goes the extra mile and we now feel like our twin girls who are only 1 that were taken bye the Mcfd illeglally Will be returned,

Thank you so much And god bless you Mr foo, there will always be a spot in our hearts for you and our roladex!

Jie Zhang

Highly recommend lawyer Stanley ! I had a great experience with his professional legal services!

jOnezi aka David Thomas Jones

I had very good results concerning a CRA matter. Thanks again Stanley!