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Welcome to Stanley Foo Law Corporation

I’m Stanley Foo and founder of our well-established law firm. As a lawyer licensed in the Canadian provinces of Ontario (1994), British Columbia (1995) as well as New York (2010), I have years of experience across a range of legal fields.

Currently, I live and work in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada, but I have worked and studied all over North America. Prior to becoming a lawyer, I studied my undergrad at the University of Waterloo (1986), followed by my master’s at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at the Johns Hopkins University (1989, Donner Fellow 1987-1989), leading to my law degree from McGill University (1992)

For most of my legal career, I have done primarily family law, including divorces, child custody and support, child protection, spousal support, and property division. However, I’m also a general practitioner, which means I can draft wills, start companies, buy or sell businesses, and fight criminal charges.

I believe it is important for potential clients to be comfortable with the lawyer they choose to work with. Because they will be working with that individual and team for often quite lengthy timelines on issues that affect their lives. 

My aim to deliver professional, personal attention and care for my clients in a friendly, collaborative manner is often the reason my clients choose to retain me for their legal needs.

We Practice in the following areas:

Stanley believes that establishing a comfortable and collaborative relationship between clients and their legal representation is crucial, especially considering the often-lengthy timelines and high-stakes nature of legal matters. We specialized in:

I’m the principal of my firm, but I have help from my staff, who have been with me for many years. My staff is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, and we try to make our clients comfortable. Our office understands that when people hire an attorney, they are often experiencing very stressful situations, and they need someone who cares about them. For that reason, my staff and I make sure our clients not only receive high-quality legal services, but also the reassurance they deserve.


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